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How do I add another domain to my account?
Your account may host as many domains as you want, under sub-folders inside your account. To host another domain in your account:

  • Login to CPanel

  • Under the Domains section, click on Add-on Domains

  • Specify the domain name you wish to host in the "New Domain Name" field

  • In the "Subdomain/FTP username" field, specify the username that can be used to access the subfolder using FTP.

  • In the "Document Root Home" folder, specify /public_html/FOLDER_NAME, where FOLDER_NAME is the folder that stores files of your new domain

  • Finally, specify a password that can be used along with the username to access the FTP account of the new add-on domain

  • Click Add Domain to finish

  • The next step will be to transfer your domain's DNS to our name servers. If you need assistance, or if you want to register a new domain through HostIgnition, submit a support ticket below.

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