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  • What free billing software do you provide?

  • Upon request, we will install phpCOIN with WHM Plug-in into your main account. The phpCOIN software ... more

  • How do I give JSP access to my accounts?

  • Shared JSP is charged on a per domain basis, and enabled manually by us. It costs $1.00 per month pe... more

  • What is the difference between my main account and reseller account?

  • Your main account is the hosting account of your website, and you may upload files to it, setup emai... more

  • Can I get a Private JVM instance?

  • You may purchase a Private JVM instance to be shared by all your accounts, for $5.00 per month. Addi... more

  • What is the skeleton directory?

  • The skeleton directory stores the files that are copied to your client accounts' public_html directo... more

  • How can I brand my client control panel?

  • 1) Login to your WHM. 2) Go to cPanel > Branding. 3) Follow the instructions on the page, which ... more

  • How do I setup my personal name servers?

  • In the confirmation email you received, there will be two IP addresses supplied to you. If you regis... more

  • How do I give shell (SSH) access to my accounts?

  • For security reasons, you may not use WHM to give SSH access to your accounts. You will need to cont... more

  • How do I get started?

  • Here are the basic steps to get started as a reseller: 1) If you requested for personalized name ... more

  • Why is my main account using the MiniFire plan?

  • By default, we setup your main account as a MiniFire account. However, you may change the plan, or c... more

  • Request New Article

  • Couldn't find the article you are looking for? Request to have us write one for you... more

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