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Managed, Comprehensive JSP/Java Servlets Hosting
We are well known in the web hosting industry for our managed, comprehensive and reliable Tomcat JSP/Servlets solutions; and our knowledgeable technical staff has been playing a tremendous role in the success. They have the expertise installing, troubleshooting and optimizing different types of applications, and are committed to work with you courteously to ensure your application is always up in running reliably.

We offer three levels of JSP & Java Servlets hosting solutions that are designed to accommodate customers' unique application requirements. If you are unsure which level is the most ideal for your application, please feel free to contact our technical support.

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"HostIgnition is the best hosting site I have ever had. I was able to get a php and MySQL driven website up and running in ..."
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[Level 1 - Shared JVM] [Level 2 - Private JVM] [Level 3 - Dedicated Server]

Shared JVM instance with other users
-- Recommended for: Simple JSP scripts/servlets; Personal websites

Our Level 1 Shared JVM service provides fundamental JSP/Servlets supports, and is the most affordable solution for start-up JSP/Servlet websites. In addition, JSF and WAR apps are also supported. Our Level 1 service is the perfect starting point for testing newly developed web applications, or for serving simple scripts. For mission-critical, heavy-traffic applications with custom requirements, we recommend that you check out our Level 2 Private JVM service.

Below shows you our two plans that support Level 1 JSP/Servlets.

Shared JSP/Servlets Hosting
Installed Software Tomcat: 5.5.x
Java Development Kit: 1.6.0
Full Access to web.xml configuration, WEB-INF Directory Yes
Java Servlets, JSF, WAR Support Yes
Access to pre-installed & standard Java classes
(e.g. JDBC)
JVM Restarts 5 Times Every 24 Hours
Standard Features



Web Space 6GB 16GB
Bandwidth 200GB 400GB
Standard Features & Benefits
Monthly Pricing (USD$)


Setup Fee $0 $0
Monthly N/A $9.95
(3 months pre-paid)
$5.95 $9.95
(6 months pre-paid)
(17% Discount)
(20% Discount)
(12 months pre-paid)
(25% Discount)
(30% Discount)

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or click on a plan's name for detailed information

Condition of Use: By using our shared JVM instance, if we notice that your applications are affecting the performance and/or stability of the JVM instance, you will be requested to upgrade to Level 2, and deploy your applications on a Private JVM. Otherwise your applications will be removed from our system.

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Need More?
Click here to find out more about Level 2.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us here.

We Proudly Use The Following Technologies:
RedHat Enterprise
RedHat Enterprise 4/5
Tomcat 5.5 & 6
JDK 1.6 & 1.5
Intel Dual Core Xeon CPUs
Apache 2.2
PHP & Mysql
PHP 5.2 & MySQL 5.0
PostgreSQL 8.1
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