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JSP & Java Servlets
  • Where should I upload my JSP scripts and servlets?

  • For all your JSP scripts, they should be uploaded to public_html, or subfolders within public... more

  • How do I deploy a WAR file?

  • To deploy a WAR file, you only need to upload your MyWar.war file to the public_html folder. If ... more

  • How do I test my JSP/Servlets?

  • Your JSP scripts and Java Servlets will only work under your main domain - you may not use your temp... more

  • I have deployed a WAR file. How do I redirect to

  • You can create a index.html page under your main public_html as follow to redirect to myWar webapp: ... more

  • I cannot save international text through JDBC. Everything show as ???.

  • Make sure your connection string has character encoding set properly: jdbc:mysql://localhost/usernam... more

  • Can I restart the Tomcat server?

  • Yes, you can request to restart tomcat by using more

  • How do I setup JDBC?

  • Here is an example utilizing <% String dbhost = request.getParameter... more

  • How does Apache->Tomcat Connector work?

  • We use mod_jk to redirect request for particular domain to tomcat. By default, we have setup our ... more

  • My application is getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

  • If your application returns an error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space, it either means yo... more

  • I get HTTP Status 503 - Servlet something is currently unavailable or 404 error when i am calling my servlets

  • If you are using shared JSP, the possible reason is that shared JSP only redirect partial request fr... more

  • Can I use a custom Tomcat version?

  • If you have shared JSP, you can request to deploy on either 5.5.9 or 5.5.25. By default, we will dep... more

  • My application requires custom context to be added to server.xml, is that possible with shared JSP?

  • In order to do so, you will need to upgrade your account to private JVM in order to have private acc... more

  • Can I compile and run Java programs?

  • Javac is not enabled by default for shared JSP users. Please submit a support ticket and our technic... more

  • My webapp cannot start with only error SEVERE: Error listenerStart, SEVERE: Context [] startup failed due to previous errors

  • Usually this is cause by errors inside your listener while you have configured log4j but not initial... more

  • Deploying war file in Shared tomcat environment

  • Normally, war files will get extracted by tomcat automatically. However, in shared tomcat environmen... more

  • java.sql.Connection Memory Leak

  • This has been detected by 1 of our client, which causes OutOfMemory Error. If you have code that han... more

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